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Weaning Your Baby With Confidence

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Moving to solid foods is a big moment in your babies life. With so many different ideas it can get confusing. This course will help you identify when your baby is ready for solid food in accordance with professional guidelines. We discuss introducing fruit and vegetables and where baby cereals fit into the feeding plan. We go through the nutritional signs as well as the social cues. We discuss the concept that "Eating before 1 is for fun" as well as the concerns around "rewarding with food". After this course, you will know what portion sizes to offer your child. We discuss Baby Led Weaning (BLW) and how to do it. We talk about when is the right time to introduce dairy and protein. We discuss allergy concerns when introducing solid foods. We discuss whether your baby will sleep better after they start eating solid food. This course will help you to provide balanced meals for your baby. After this course you will have the knowledge to prepare healthy meals for your baby. Weaning to solids is all part of the bonding experience with the caregiver and sets up good eating patterns for the future. This is your guide to starting your little one on healthy eating habits!

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